Safety and Security

Intercom System and Front Door Buzzer

All of our properties use some type of intercom system to communicate with people who ring your doorbell. Depending on the building, the intercom is located in the entryway of your apartment or when someone punches in your code on the intercom panel outside, it will ring your phone. Please do not hold the buzzer longer than necessary; a couple of seconds is sufficient time for someone to access the door. If the buzzer is held for too long, a stranger may be able to enter the building behind your guest. Do not allow anyone into the building whom you do not know.

Building Entry

Please make sure all doors are shut tightly behind you when you enter or exit the building. Please be sure to keep your windows closed and locked when you are not home.

Police Department

In the event of an emergency, please call 911 for assistance.

The closest police station is District D-14 located at 301 Washington St., Brighton MA. 02135. For non-emergencies you can reach them at 617-343-4260.

Fire Safety

In the event of a fire, large or small, please call 911 for assistance. Do not assume that someone else has already called.

No barbecues are allowed on the porches. They are prohibited per your lease and per the City of Boston Fire Department. No smoking of any kind is allowed. Burning of incense is not permitted. Use candles carefully and never leave any burning candles unattended. Exercise caution in the use and placement of light fixtures, especially halogen light fixtures, to reduce the possibility of fire. Notify management promptly if any smoke detectors or carbon monoxide detectors are not working properly.


Please call 911 in the event of an emergency.

The closest hospital is St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center, located at 736 Cambridge St., Brighton MA. 02135. For non-emergencies you can reach them at 617-789-3000 or on the web at