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Please call each company to set up your account prior to moving in:

National Grid
Cooking Gas




To avoid interruption of these services you need to transfer billing into your name(s). Call each utility company as early as possible.

If any of the companies listed above need access to your apartment to establish or change service, it is your responsibility to make these arrangements.

Leasing and Payment Policies

Rental Payments

Rent is always due promptly on the first of each month in advance. Please make your check payable one of the following:

For Apartment Rentals

  • 1750 Commonwealth Ave: Belair Apartments, LLC
  • 80 Sutherland Rd.: Aberdeen Manor, LLC
  • 8 Kinross Rd.: HJK Realty, LLC
  • 1746 Commonwealth Ave.: HJK Realty, LLC

For Parking Rentals

  • 80 Sutherland Rd: Aberdeen Manor, LLC
  • 8 Kinross Rd: HJK Realty, LLC
  • 125 Lanark Rd: HJK Realty, LLC

Mailing Your Rent Check
Please mail your check to the following address:

Granite Management Company
100 Hano Street Suite #24
Allston, MA 02134

Lessor will accept individual checks from Lessee, but they must be delivered or mailed together in one envelope.

Paying Rent Online
While we don’t accept direct debits online, there is another way to pay online through your bank if you would like that option. See below for details:

Pay rent online with Bill Pay from your bank: You can send us a check through your bank online using the Bill Pay section of their website. In that area you would set up “Belair Apartments LLC, Aberdeen Manor LLC, or HJK Realty LLC” as the payee (see apartment rental and parking rental information above to figure out which entity to remit payment to). When it asks for the address put “c/o Granite Management Company” on the first address line followed by the street and suite on the second address line: 100 Hano St. #24

In the end it will have the payee name on the top line followed by the address you entered:

Payee Name: Belair Apartments LLC, Aberdeen Manor LLC, or HJK Realty LLC
c/o Granite Management Co.
100 Hano St. #24
Allston, MA 02134

If the bank asks for your account number, please just list your apartment address or parking space number and address. Please abbreviate if the entire address doesn’t fit.

It usually takes about 5 business days for checks sent through bill pay to process and be delivered. Please make sure go online to set this up well in advance to make sure your checks get delivered on time. You can set up payments manually each month or have them sent out automatically at the same time every month. We recommend scheduling checks to arrive a little before the first of the month to ensure they arrive on time because sometimes the bank sends them a day or two late.

If you have any questions about this, please let us know. Thank you.

Lease Renewals

About 3–5 months prior to the expiration of your lease, Lessor may offer new terms for the next lease period. Lessee understands and agrees to respond to Lessor promptly as requested in the renewal offer or as stated in your lease.

Other Leasing Questions

Please contact Granite Management Company for other questions regarding your lease.

General Resident Information

Renter’s Insurance

To protect your personal property, we strongly recommend renter’s insurance. For an additional fee, you can request replacement cost insurance for the best protection in the event of a loss. The following insurance agencies are familiar with your building and can sell you a renter’s insurance policy:

Howard Savitt
Brown & Brown of Massachusetts

Maurice J. Rubino
Hub International

You may also be able to obtain a good policy from the agent who sold you your auto insurance. If you have a roommate, you can try to cover your combined property on one policy if possible and split the cost.

Moving in/Moving out

Unless otherwise notified, you may move in to your apartment on the first day of your lease at 12:00 PM. All tenants who are moving are required to leave the apartment clean and empty of all their personal belongings. Time permitting, we provide additional cleaning before you move in. If you find that the apartment is not clean enough when you move in, please notify Sawyer Management Company at 617-254-3100. We hope that by starting with a clean, well-maintained apartment, you will keep the apartment in good, clean condition throughout your tenancy. The lease shall terminate at 5:00 P.M. on the last day of the term. You must thoroughly clean the apartment and remove all personal belongings by this date and time, unless prior arrangement is made with Lessor in writing. Please contact Sawyer Management Company to coordinate the return of all keys within 24 hours of move-out. Please notify management of your forwarding address and telephone number to permit timely return of deposits.


No Pets Allowed.

Common Areas

Please confine all personal belongings to areas within the apartment. There is no storage of any kind permitted in the common areas of the building. Do not ever leave trash or recycling in the hallways, even for a few minutes; bring it straight out to the garbage bins/ recycling bins.


Occupancy of the premises is strictly limited to the named Lessee(s) only as indicated on the first page of your lease and the first page of the addendum. You may not add or substitute roommates. You are responsible for all provisions of the Lease and for the actions of your guests or visitors and for any damages to the building incurred by the same.


The volume of television sets, radios, stereos, musical instruments and the like must be turned down between the hours of 10:00 P.M. and 8:00 A.M. the next morning, and at all times be kept at a sound level which will not disturb or annoy the occupants of neighboring apartments. If you are ever disturbed, please knock on your neighbor’s door, introduce yourself, and let them know about the problem. Your neighbor may not even realize he/she is disturbing other residents. If you continue to have an ongoing problem, please contact management.

Trash Collection, Recycling, and Hazardous Waste (air conditioners, Televisions, computer monitors, etc.)

Please remove trash from the premises in sealed plastic bags and place them neatly inside the trash barrels provided outside. No trash may be placed in the hallways or staircases at any time.

Trash & Recycling Locations

80 Sutherland Road
The trash shed and recycling barrels are located in the courtyard accessible through the rear door near the laundry room.

1750 Commonwealth Avenue
The trash shed is located in the courtyard accessible through the rear door in the laundry room. Recycling barrels are located in the rear of the building in the parking lot.

1746 Commonwealth Avenue
The trash area is located in an alcove off of the passageway to the rear parking lot and accessible from the door at the bottom of the rear stairwell. Recycling barrels are located in the rear of the building in the parking lot.

8 Kinross Road
The trash shed and recycling bins are located on the side of the building in the parking lot.

Tenants are responsible to legally dispose of all hazardous waste including but not limited to computer monitors, televisions, air conditioners, paint, etc. Residents may only dispose of household trash in the trash barrels provided by management. If there are any questions about this, please call the management company before placing any items in the trash area.

To dispose of hazardous waste, you may contact the City of Boston Sanitation Department at 617-635-7574. You must call 2 to 3 days ahead of trash removal day (Tuesday) in order to make an appointment for the city to pick up the hazardous waste. They will take down your address and a list of the items you need removed. You must put the items out for pick-up by 7AM on trash removal day. For further information about this please call the City of Boston Sanitation Department number given above.

Hanging Pictures, etc.

Do not use nails, screws or tape for hanging articles. Small tacks or picture hooks are permitted. The mounting of televisions is prohibited. You must restore or pay for damages to the walls. There is no painting or wallpapering allowed.


Parking on the premises is prohibited without written consent from management. If you are interested in renting an off-street parking space, please contact us to inquire about availability and information.

Safety and Security

Intercom System and Front Door Buzzer

All of our properties use some type of intercom system to communicate with people who ring your doorbell. Depending on the building, the intercom is located in the entryway of your apartment or when someone punches in your code on the intercom panel outside, it will ring your phone. Please do not hold the buzzer longer than necessary; a couple of seconds is sufficient time for someone to access the door. If the buzzer is held for too long, a stranger may be able to enter the building behind your guest. Do not allow anyone into the building whom you do not know.

Building Entry

Please make sure all doors are shut tightly behind you when you enter or exit the building. Please be sure to keep your windows closed and locked when you are not home.

Police Department

In the event of an emergency, please call 911 for assistance.

The closest police station is District D-14 located at 301 Washington St., Brighton MA. 02135. For non-emergencies you can reach them at 617-343-4260.

Fire Safety

In the event of a fire, large or small, please call 911 for assistance. Do not assume that someone else has already called.

No barbecues are allowed on the porches. They are prohibited per your lease and per the City of Boston Fire Department. No smoking of any kind is allowed. Burning of incense is not permitted. Use candles carefully and never leave any burning candles unattended. Exercise caution in the use and placement of light fixtures, especially halogen light fixtures, to reduce the possibility of fire. Notify management promptly if any smoke detectors or carbon monoxide detectors are not working properly.


Please call 911 in the event of an emergency.

The closest hospital is St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center, located at 736 Cambridge St., Brighton MA. 02135. For non-emergencies you can reach them at 617-789-3000 or on the web at

Maintenance Issues

Routine Maintenance and Repairs

For Routine Maintenance and repairs please fill out our online maintenance request form or feel free to call Sawyer Management Company at 617-254-3100. We will respond to maintenance requests as soon as possible. If you do not receive a response within 2 business days, please contact Sawyer Management Company at 617-254-3100.

Emergency Maintenance and Repairs

For all emergencies please always call Sawyer Management Company at 617-254-3100. Emergencies are defined as no heat, no water, no hot water, no power, fire, plumbing problems (such as inoperable toilet, leaks or flood), or other problems of this nature. If you smell smoke or suspect a fire, leave the apartment and call 911 immediately. When it is safe to do so, please contact Sawyer Management Company as well.

Unit Lock-out

You are responsible for safeguarding your keys at all times. In the event of a lockout, please call Sawyer Management Company at 617-254-3100. You will be charged a $50.00 service fee plus any other expenses incurred for an apartment lockout.

Lost Keys

If you lose your keys, please contact Sawyer Management Company at 617-254-3100 to obtain a new set. There is a $50.00 charge for each lost key. No locks shall be added or changed without the prior written consent from management. All locks must conform to the master key system.

Plumbing Issues

In all leases we state that tenants must conserve energy and water and promptly report any leaks to management. In addition to being wasteful, a running toilet or leaky faucet can add hundreds of dollars each month to the water bill. Do NOT use chemicals, such as Draino, in any drain. Please use the maintenance request form or call Sawyer Management Company at 617-254-3100 for service if a bathtub or sink drain is running slowly or if you notice any leaks. Only toilet paper may be used in the toilet. You may use a plunger to clear paper clogs; if unsuccessful, contact Sawyer Management Company at 617-254-3100 for service. Please remember: the kitchens do not have garbage disposals, so do NOT put any food or food scraps down the drain. No cooking grease should be flushed down any drain. Cooking grease should be poured into a sealable container and thrown away with household trash.

Laundry: Washers and Dryers

Please use the maintenance request form or contact Sawyer Management Company at 617-254-3100 if you have any problems with the washers or dryers in your building. Please briefly describe the exact problem you are having with the machine.

Light Bulbs

Tenants are responsible for changing light bulbs in their apartment. Our apartments have Dimmable LED bulbs in the light fixtures. Please use soft white Dimmable LED bulbs so they look the same and work properly. Please use 60 watts max. for ceiling fixtures (look for Dimmable LED 60 Watt incandescent replacement equivalent bulbs). Some bathroom fixtures are 40 watts max (look for LED 40 Watt incandescent replacement equivalent bulbs). Please use the maintenance request form or contact Sawyer Management Company at 617-254-3100 to change specialty bulbs or fluorescent lighting. Please contact us with any questions.


See Heat Information Document for information about adjusting radiator vents and sealing windows properly. If you still have questions after reading the form or require assistance please use the maintenance request form or contact Sawyer Management Company at 617-254-3100.

Air Conditioning

Please use the maintenance request form or contact Sawyer Management Company at 617-254-3100 to install window air conditioners. Installation of window air conditioners is prohibited without the prior written consent of the Lessor. Please note that vinyl windows can be easily damaged by the improper installation of window air conditioners. Once you have purchased your air conditioner(s), please place the air conditioner(s) underneath the window you would like it/them to be installed and contact Sawyer Management Company for free installation. Please make sure to unbox all air conditioners first before calling.

Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Detector

Please promptly notify Sawyer Management Company at 617-254-3100 if any smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector is not working properly. If the batteries need to be changed, you may do so yourself or you may contact Sawyer Management Company to take care of it for you. We simply want to make sure all equipment is in good working order.

Mold/Mildew Prevention

When showering, please ventilate the bathroom by opening the window at least a few inches and, if equipped with an exhaust fan, by turning the fan on while showering and for a few minutes after each shower. By ventilating the bathroom, you will prevent mold and/or mildew from occurring. If you ever notice either one, please use the maintenance request form or contact Sawyer Management Company at 617-254-3100 so we can remove it and disinfect the area.

Other Apartment Problems

Please use the maintenance request form or contact Sawyer Management Company at 617-254-3100 for all maintenance, repairs, or other problems with or in the apartment, the common areas, or outside of the building.

Public Transportation

  • MBTA
    Mass Bay Transportation Authority
    (617) 222-3200

City of Boston Neighborhood Information

City of Boston Parking Information

Parks and Recreation