General Resident Information

Renter’s Insurance

To protect your personal property, we strongly recommend renter’s insurance. For an additional fee, you can request replacement cost insurance for the best protection in the event of a loss. The following insurance agencies are familiar with your building and can sell you a renter’s insurance policy:

Howard Savitt
Brown & Brown of Massachusetts

Maurice J. Rubino
Hub International

You may also be able to obtain a good policy from the agent who sold you your auto insurance. If you have a roommate, you can try to cover your combined property on one policy if possible and split the cost.

Moving in/Moving out

Unless otherwise notified, you may move in to your apartment on the first day of your lease at 12:00 PM. All tenants who are moving are required to leave the apartment clean and empty of all their personal belongings. Time permitting, we provide additional cleaning before you move in. If you find that the apartment is not clean enough when you move in, please notify Sawyer Management Company at 617-254-3100. We hope that by starting with a clean, well-maintained apartment, you will keep the apartment in good, clean condition throughout your tenancy. The lease shall terminate at 5:00 P.M. on the last day of the term. You must thoroughly clean the apartment and remove all personal belongings by this date and time, unless prior arrangement is made with Lessor in writing. Please contact Sawyer Management Company to coordinate the return of all keys within 24 hours of move-out. Please notify management of your forwarding address and telephone number to permit timely return of deposits.


No Pets Allowed.

Common Areas

Please confine all personal belongings to areas within the apartment. There is no storage of any kind permitted in the common areas of the building. Do not ever leave trash or recycling in the hallways, even for a few minutes; bring it straight out to the garbage bins/ recycling bins.


Occupancy of the premises is strictly limited to the named Lessee(s) only as indicated on the first page of your lease and the first page of the addendum. You may not add or substitute roommates. You are responsible for all provisions of the Lease and for the actions of your guests or visitors and for any damages to the building incurred by the same.


The volume of television sets, radios, stereos, musical instruments and the like must be turned down between the hours of 10:00 P.M. and 8:00 A.M. the next morning, and at all times be kept at a sound level which will not disturb or annoy the occupants of neighboring apartments. If you are ever disturbed, please knock on your neighbor’s door, introduce yourself, and let them know about the problem. Your neighbor may not even realize he/she is disturbing other residents. If you continue to have an ongoing problem, please contact management.

Trash Collection, Recycling, and Hazardous Waste (air conditioners, Televisions, computer monitors, etc.)

Please remove trash from the premises in sealed plastic bags and place them neatly inside the trash barrels provided outside. No trash may be placed in the hallways or staircases at any time.

Trash & Recycling Locations

80 Sutherland Road
The trash shed and recycling barrels are located in the courtyard accessible through the rear door near the laundry room.

1750 Commonwealth Avenue
The trash shed is located in the courtyard accessible through the rear door in the laundry room. Recycling barrels are located in the rear of the building in the parking lot.

1746 Commonwealth Avenue
The trash area is located in an alcove off of the passageway to the rear parking lot and accessible from the door at the bottom of the rear stairwell. Recycling barrels are located in the rear of the building in the parking lot.

8 Kinross Road
The trash shed and recycling bins are located on the side of the building in the parking lot.

Tenants are responsible to legally dispose of all hazardous waste including but not limited to computer monitors, televisions, air conditioners, paint, etc. Residents may only dispose of household trash in the trash barrels provided by management. If there are any questions about this, please call the management company before placing any items in the trash area.

To dispose of hazardous waste, you may contact the City of Boston Sanitation Department at 617-635-7574. You must call 2 to 3 days ahead of trash removal day (Tuesday) in order to make an appointment for the city to pick up the hazardous waste. They will take down your address and a list of the items you need removed. You must put the items out for pick-up by 7AM on trash removal day. For further information about this please call the City of Boston Sanitation Department number given above.

Hanging Pictures, etc.

Do not use nails, screws or tape for hanging articles. Small tacks or picture hooks are permitted. The mounting of televisions is prohibited. You must restore or pay for damages to the walls. There is no painting or wallpapering allowed.


Parking on the premises is prohibited without written consent from management. If you are interested in renting an off-street parking space, please contact us to inquire about availability and information.