Leasing and Payment Policies

Rental Payments

Rent is always due promptly on the first of each month in advance. Please make your check payable one of the following:

For Apartment Rentals

  • 1750 Commonwealth Ave: Belair Apartments, LLC
  • 80 Sutherland Rd.: Aberdeen Manor, LLC
  • 8 Kinross Rd.: HJK Realty, LLC
  • 1746 Commonwealth Ave.: HJK Realty, LLC

For Parking Rentals

  • 80 Sutherland Rd: Aberdeen Manor, LLC
  • 8 Kinross Rd: HJK Realty, LLC
  • 125 Lanark Rd: HJK Realty, LLC

Mailing Your Rent Check
Please mail your check to the following address:

Granite Management Company
100 Hano Street Suite #24
Allston, MA 02134

Lessor will accept individual checks from Lessee, but they must be delivered or mailed together in one envelope.

Paying Rent Online
While we don’t accept direct debits online, there is another way to pay online through your bank if you would like that option. See below for details:

Pay rent online with Bill Pay from your bank: You can send us a check through your bank online using the Bill Pay section of their website. In that area you would set up “Belair Apartments LLC, Aberdeen Manor LLC, or HJK Realty LLC” as the payee (see apartment rental and parking rental information above to figure out which entity to remit payment to). When it asks for the address put “c/o Granite Management Company” on the first address line followed by the street and suite on the second address line: 100 Hano St. #24

In the end it will have the payee name on the top line followed by the address you entered:

Payee Name: Belair Apartments LLC, Aberdeen Manor LLC, or HJK Realty LLC
c/o Granite Management Co.
100 Hano St. #24
Allston, MA 02134

If the bank asks for your account number, please just list your apartment address or parking space number and address. Please abbreviate if the entire address doesn’t fit.

It usually takes about 5 business days for checks sent through bill pay to process and be delivered. Please make sure go online to set this up well in advance to make sure your checks get delivered on time. You can set up payments manually each month or have them sent out automatically at the same time every month. We recommend scheduling checks to arrive a little before the first of the month to ensure they arrive on time because sometimes the bank sends them a day or two late.

If you have any questions about this, please let us know. Thank you.

Lease Renewals

About 3–5 months prior to the expiration of your lease, Lessor may offer new terms for the next lease period. Lessee understands and agrees to respond to Lessor promptly as requested in the renewal offer or as stated in your lease.

Other Leasing Questions

Please contact Granite Management Company for other questions regarding your lease.